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We will be adding some pre-publication items here because of their urgency or time-sensitive nature for observers. Such items available so far:

  • "Forward-Scattering Enhancement of Comet Brightness. III. Prospects for C/2010 X1 (Elenin) as Viewed from the Earth and the SOHO, STEREO-A, and STEREO-B Spacecraft", by Joseph N. Marcus (pdf file available here). (posted 8/3/11)
  • "Comet 169P/NEAT: Prospects for Forward-Scattering Brightness Enhancement in December 2009 and Visual Observation of the Bare Nucleus as Early as Mid-January 2010", by Joseph N. Marcus (pdf file available here). [also, scanned images of individual pages: page 1 / page 2 / page 3 / page 4 / page 5 / page 6 / page 7 / page 8 ] (posted 12/15/09)

Starting in late 2006, we are posting the full tabulated list of photometric observations at the time of publication of the regularly quarterly issues of the ICQ, at this separate webpage.

We are gradually adding other published ICQ articles to this website. Those available so far:

The entire April 2010 issue of the ICQ (Whole Number 154) is available here [large 21.4-MB pdf file].

Below are representative non-"paper" sections in pdf format, to show how they appear in print:

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