International Comet Quarterly

Tabulated, Published ICQ Observations

Starting in late 2006, we are posting the full tabulated list of photometric observations at the time of publication of the regular quarterly issues of the ICQ. Descriptive information to supplement the tabulated data in text form is still published in the regular quarterly issues of the ICQ. The tabulated columns for the data posted here are explained here. Files available thus far online:

Visual CCD
April 2006 April 2006

Note that, prior to the July 2007 issue, all tabulated data were published in the printed journal; this practice was halted (with occasional rare exceptions) in 2007 due to the rising printing costs and large number of photometric tabulated data, and a new practice was begun whereby summaries of the data appear in print and the full tabulated data usually appear only at this website. An electronic example of the summary tabulation from the January 2008 issue is available at the ICQ's online-publication webpage.

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