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International Comet Quarterly (ICQ)

The ICQ publishes an annual Comet Handbook that lists orbital elements and ephemerides (for both equinoxes B1950.0 and J2000.0) for both long- and short-period comets predicted to be brighter than magnitude around 21 during the given year. Starting with the 2007 Comet Handbook, diagrams are also included that depict the elongation of the brighter comets on the sky with respect to the sun during the year, for the benefit of observers. This Comet Handbook is unique in being probably the only printed book containing (at the time of publication) the best orbital elements, 'perturbed' ephemerides, and magnitude parameters (brightness predictions) for all comets predicted to be brighter than mag 20-21 during that given year (and including also ephemerides for other comets of interest, including 1P/Halley and comets slated for future spacecraft visits). (But since the Comet Handbook will contain no comets discovered after the time of issue, one should consult the IAU Circulars or the Minor Planet Circulars (and these web pages) for more up-to-date information.) For further information on purchasing the Comet Handbook, click here.

The printing of the 2008 Comet Handbook has been generously supported by a donation from AstroArts Inc.

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