International Comet Quarterly

Third International Workshop on Cometary Astronomy

The IWCAs and their predecessors, the American Workshops on Cometary Astronomy (four AWCAs were held in the United States between 1982 and 1987), were established by the ICQ as a forum for bringing amateur and professional astronomers together with the goals of (1) improving the acquisition of cometary information, (2) increasing understanding as to what science can be gained through observing comets by both amateurs and professionals, and (3) providing a forum in which cometary astronomers can meet others from distant geographical locations and discuss various issues. This concept was continued for IWCA I (held in February 1994 in Selvino, Italy), IWCA II in Cambridge, England, IWCA III in Paris, and we plan to continue it for future IWCAs.

The IWCA III in Paris was a huge success. Among those attending were Michael A'Hearn (USA), Peter Birtwhistle (UK), Nicolas Biver (France), Giuseppe Canonaco (Belgium) Jacques Crovisier (France), Michal Drahus (Poland), Juan Jose Gonzalez (Spain), Dan Green (USA), Piotr Guzik (Poland), Werner Hasubick (Germany), Sebastian Hoenig (Germany), Tony Hoffman (USA), Laurent Jorda (France), Gary Kronk (USA), Joseph Marcus (USA), Brian G. Marsden (USA), Maik Meyer (Germany), Giannantonio Milani (Italy), Carmelita Miranda (USA), Philippe Morel (France), Charles Morris (USA), Shigeki Murakami (Japan), Akimasa Nakamura (Japan), Takaaki Oribe (Japan), Andrew Pearce (Australia), Alex Scholten (The Netherlands), Jonathan Shanklin (UK), Doug Snyder (USA), Giovanni Sostero (Italy), Patrick Stonehouse (USA), Jana Ticha (Czech Rep.), Milos Tichy (Czech Rep.), Rob Van de Weg (The Netherlands), and Waniak Waclaw (Poland).

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