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Links to other recommended sites with useful and original comet information are provided below. Check out also the links to our own web pages regarding comets and comet observing.

NOTE that we only link to sites that will accomodate simple, non-frames-intensive LYNX and/or MOSAIC browsers! If you have a site that is frames-intensive (designed to be read by Microsoft and/or Netscape browsers), we recommend that you make sure that parts of all of your pages can be read by non-frames (text-only) browsers -- as a common courtesy to others.

Meteors and meteor streams have close relationships to comets, as many (most?) of our annual meteor "showers" are produced by debris left behind by comets in their orbits. Some useful links to meteor information:

Potential large impactors for the earth have been noted much in the news lately. Some useful links regarding information about comets and large meteoroids or minor planets impacting the earth:

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